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NUI forms part of the Rigifoam (Pty) Ltd Group of Brands. Established in 1982, NUI has kept abreast of global developments in polyurethane technology and thenceforth producing quality solutions for the urethane speciality industry. Throughout, NUI has been successful at evolving and changing by innovative research and development as well as quality control in our self-sufficient polyurethane laboratory.

Today, our flamboyant specialities consist of Hot & Cold Cure Elastomers, “Bakkie” Bin Lining (Rubberising), Civil Applications, Speciality Spray Systems including Polyurea & Pipe Coatings as well as Epoxy Products & Waterproofing Systems.

The foregoing combination of experience and entrepreneurship allows the advanced technical skills of the company to be concentrated to the advantage of the urethane industry. Besides providing a range of comprehensive prepolymers and polymers, NUI is able to analyse specific problem areas encountered by end-consumers and use the vast formulation parameters open to the experienced polyurethane technologists to custom formulate products to solve these problems.

Collaboratively, with NUI’s in-depth knowledge and the Rigifoam group’s unique footprint and dynamic prospects, our focus will remain on offering customer satisfaction and product excellence to uphold NUI’s legacy for many years to come.


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