PolyShield® Bakkie Lining Range

PolyShield® is a spray-on elastomer lining that shield the load bin’s inner-side that adds years of protective service by preventing scratching, rusting and chemical contamination. This durable protective lining also creates a skid-resistant surface, preventing your valuables from sliding around the load bin, depending on circumstances.

Environment friendly PolyShield® does not contain any mercury, compared to similar products available.

PolyShield® superior rubberizing capabilities make it the penultimate solution for your “Bakkie” in addition it can be applied to emergency vehicles, commercial transport, heavy construction, agriculture equipment and boats, offering them all the advantages of PolyShield®

PolyShield® is applied to a pre-prepared surface by a low-pressure spray machine, performed by approved applicators.


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No matter the load, protect it, love it, PolyShield® it!